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Văn Phòng Thiết Kế
218 C , Pasteur
Q.3, Tp.Hồ Chí Minh
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Si Hoang Le

14 .10. 1962 in Saigon

Master of Fine Arts

Member of Ho Chi Minh Fine Arts Association

Member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association

Member of the City Theater

Member of Dramatic Vietnam

Brand Fashion SI HOANG


Philosophy stylists

- Bringing the art of painting in traditional costumes.

- Search for innovative ideas from the national cultural treasure.



- Design Patterns for Aodai drawing  Vu Thi Xuan Quy runner in the contest " THE 1ST MISS AODAI IN HCMC  "

- Fine Arts Lecturer of University of ARCHITECTURE -HCMC.



- Demonstration of first debut Aodai collection  in "Vietnamese used Vietnam goods"



- Won the 1st prize of the most Aodai designing beautiful in FASHION FESTIVAL. HCM - Miss Tran Minh Trang

- Establishment of a studio (2 workers), open AODAI shop(area 6m2) at No. 7 Lam Son Square, District 1, HCM City.



- Join Aodai show by the Union producers - Vietnam garment export organization CONFECTIMEX

- Design of pattern Aodai for  MISS VIETNAM IN 92 - Ha Kieu Anh

- Opened of Showroom and Design at 36-38 Ly Tu Trong Street, District 1, HCM City (area 300 m2)

- Studio expand with 30 painters.



- Won the Aodai designed with the most beautiful in the contest "THE 2ND MISS AODAI - HCMC" Miss  Vo Ngoc Hoang Hoa

- Demonstration of Aodai collection "ETHNIC pattern" in the program MISS AODAI in 95

- Participate in National Art Exhibition, works "MORNING IN CHAM VILLAGE ", woodcuts



- Demonstration of Aodai collection "kaleidoscope" in program VIETNAM charming 4

- Exhibition Art carpet in Belgium by Lucky Travel (Belgium) and the company Travel Arts ATC (VN) held



- Demonstration of Aodai collection "LANTERNS NIGHT  " in the program gracefully VIETNAM 5

- Demonstration of Aodai collection based design fabric patterns in program Iran REMEMBER VIETNAM by Magazine Young Fashion  organization.

- Demonstration of Aodai for wedding collection" HUE Imperial " in ASEAN DESIGN SHOW II program in Manila - Philippines

- Collection 54 nations restored



- Demonstration of Aodai collection "FLOWERS OF THE LAND"

- Fashion show VIETNAM- SKY & LAND, anniversary Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City 300 years

- Demonstration of Aodai collection "The masks " beauty program SAIGON

- Award Vietnam Fine Arts Association with paintings carpet "Original point"



- Demonstration of Aodai collection "Improvisation" in the program MISS FRIENDSHIP 99

- Join the fashion show in Festival Eve MILLENNIUM 2000 in HCMC




- Fashion show OFFER SPRING 2000

- Demonstration of Aodai collection " LE CHI GARDEN" and "masterpiece of Flowers" program DRAGON SACRED LAND, anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi 990 years

- Demonstration of the collection "FASHION FOR CHILDREN- SUMMER 2000 "



- Demonstration of the collection Jean "GREEN PARADISE" in VIETNAM FASHION WEEK by the Institute of Vietnam Fashion Model - FADIN organizations

- Merit Art Exhibition  Japan - Vietnam- Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum by organizations with "CERAMICS DECORATION with beaded"

- Exhibiting designers Vietnam - UK by the HCM City Fine Arts Association organized, work "Partition"

- Aodai Fashion show in Belgium. 

- Design Art Costume drama "LE CHI SECRET GARDEN", directed by Thanh Loc.

- Personal Art Exhibition II - Paintings and Ceramics themed carpet POINT OF A TIME.

- Program 10th anniversary activities with the theme Fashion POINT OF A TIME.



- Demonstration at the Festival Hue Festival Dresses II

- Fashion show at VIETNAM FASHION WEEK Spring Summer II

- Vacation teaching at City University dated 08.01.2002 ARCHITECTURE

- Form CO dated 08/20/2002 SI HOANG, expanded exhibition area of 960 m2 with 94 employees



- Design exhibition booths textiles VIETNAM industry in INTERNATIONAL MAGIC SHOW FAIR - Las Vegas

- Get EXCELLENCE IN BOOTH DESIGN  AWARD for exhibition booths textiles VIETNAM industry in INTERNATIONAL MAGIC SHOW FAIR - Las Vegas

- Judges and demonstration Aodai collection "SPRING FLOWERS", "EVENING DRESS" in the contest MISS VIETNAM IN EUROPE 2003 - Berlin, Germany.

- Advisor to dress "AO DAI VIETNAM -NOW AND THEN" for the implementation of  calendar 2004- HONDA - Japan

- Protection of Arts Master 's degree in day 03/09/2003, achieved excellent results with the theme "Divine carpet Vietnam, development of handicrafts to the Shaping of Art"

- Opened ONCE OF A TIME Teahouse, dated Oct, 14th.2003



- Demonstration at the Festival Hue Festival Dresses III

- Aodai Fashion show in Sweden, Vietnam' Day.

- Aodai Fashion show at Festival Vietnam - Japan culture, HCM City



- Fashion show in France , Vietnam' Day.

- Design booth Crafts Exhibition in Washington DC Ho Chi Minh City, USA

- Design costume drama "LEGENDARY LIFE", directed by Le Quy Duong

- Demonstration of Aodai collection "IN THE OLD DAYS" in the program MISS VIETNAM TO PHOTO 2005

- Demonstration of  Ao dai collection for Children "THIS IS OUR EARTH EM" in the festival program Dresses 04/30/2005

- Demonstration of Aodai  collection for Children "YOU HAVE THE LIFE" program in International Children's Day

- Design costume drama "U6 & U7," US director Khanh, television studios TFS - HTV

- Project DESIGN - CONSTRUCTION - OPERATING THEATRE NEW ETHNIC been listed real estate loans call for foreign investment.



- Attend trade shows AODAI HISTORY OF VIETNAM in San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textilles - US

- 17 samples in Museum Museum of Quilts & Textilles San Jose - USA, choose exhibited in 3 months.

- Dresses Fashion Show in San Francisco, USA

- Dresses Fashion Show in Guangdong - Dongguan, China

- Design of the Welcome Dinner for the APEC summit in HCMC

- Fashion Show Dresses welcome the APEC summit in Hanoi

- Demonstration of Aodai collection " SUMMER DANCING" program VIETNAM charming 15th

- Demonstration of AOdai collection "NEW SPRING" in the program MISS VIETNAM TO PHOTO 2006

- Organize seminars "THE BEAUTY OF BUSINESS MAN" for Saigon Entrepreneur Club.

- Si Hoang Company Costume Design Scrapbooking reformist "Kim Van Kieu", HOA HA director, Tran Huu Trang Theatre.

- Announced an official in the press, TV THEATRE Project AO DAI



- Center Vietnam record books record established by decision HDTV.VB.GXLKL 349 / KLVN / 2007. Record time of establishment of the company 02.22.2007 Si Hoang - Scrapbooking reformist numerically largest design costumes for each character, Kim Van Kieu plays reformed - Demonstration of Aodai collection "young days "in program VIETNAM charming 18th in Singapore

- Design costume drama "HAND OF GOD" Ai Nhu director, theater 5B Vo Van Tan-HCMC.

- Design costume drama "HON TRUONG BA-DA HANG THIT", Ai Nhu director, theater IDECAF

- Si Hoang Company Costume Design Scrapbooking reformist " Thien Nga shirt" Hoa Ha director, Tran Huu Trang Theatre



- Demonstration of Aodai collection 'DONG SON "program LEGENDARY DONG SON

- Demonstration of Aodai collection "AO DAI VIETNAM" in graceful AO DAI program, Miss Universe contest in VIETNAM

- Fashion Show Dresses in Osaka - Tokyo, Japan, 35-years anniversary of diplomatic relations Japan - Vietnam

- Design costume drama "YOUNG BOY", directed by Vuong Dinh Hai, Phu Nhuan Theatre stage.

- Company costume designer Sy Hoang play "GENERAL LE VAN DUYET" director Doan Hoang Giang, HCM City Theatre.

- Contest drawing Aodai for children "young TALENT" 2008



- Company costume designer Sy Hoang drama "endless fields", directed Minh Nguyet, theater 5B Vo Van Tan - HCMC

- Company costume designer Sy Hoang opera "UNJUSTLY TIME", directed by Doan Hoang Giang, Hanoi Cheo theater

- Company costume designer Sy Hoang plays reformed "HALLOWED OF LAND", directed by Hong Dung, theater 5B Vo Van Tan - HCMC

- Organize contest Aodai for children in HCM City Green Painting Competition 12th 2009.



-Si Hoang Company designed costume for the  Play "GAME OF EVILS" director Tran Minh Ngoc, theater 5B Vo Van Tan - HCMC

-Si Hoang Company designed costume for the  Play  "The story of  forever love", directed by Doan Hoang Giang, Hanoi Theatre.

-Si Hoang Company designed costume for the reformed "QUEEN OF POETRY IN CHINESE -TRANSCRIBED VIETNAMESE" director Tran Minh Ngoc, theater HCMC.

- Demonstration of Aodai collection "Green Painting", "TANGO EVENING" in program " Aodai Festival commemorate 1000years Thang Long -Hanoi.

- Demonstration of Aodai collection "Green Painting" program in Festival Hue-Aodai Festival VI.

- Demonstration of Aodai collection "INTERSECTIONS" in Vietnam Fair in Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea.

- Organize contest Aodai children in HCM City- Green Painting Competition 13th 2010.

- Inauguration Long Thuan Garden  08/02/2010



- Organized contest Aodai children in HCM City- Green Painting Competition 14th 2011.

- Demonstration of Aodai collection "Water- colour painting", "double happiness" in the program celebrate 35 years of diplomatic relations between Vietnam-Africa in Manila, Philippines.



- Demonstration of Aodai collection "UNITED DYNASTY", "THE NATION FLOWER" in the program's 40th anniversary of diplomatic relation Vietnam-Austria in Vienna, Austria.

- Demonstration of Aodai collection "UNITED DYNASTY", "THE NATION FLOWER" in program The Second Aodai Festival in San Jose, USA.

- Demonstration of Aodai collection "Green Painting" program in Germany celebrate National Day in Frankfurt, Germany.

- Demonstration of Aodai collection "cherry blossom" in the program SAKURA COLLECTION in Kansai, Japan.

- Demonstration of Aodai collection "Zen LOTUS" in the FESTIVAL HUE  VII.

- Organized contest Aodai children in HCMC Green Painting Competition 15th.



SI HOANG Trading and Service Co., Ltd.

218 C Pasteur, 3 Dist.

Phone: (+84) 8 6292 1595

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Business activities

- Design

- Consulting

- Implement IN the field Fashion

- Fine Arts

- Arts

- Interior woodwork

- Organize professional artistic performances.

Date of incorporation: 20 .8. 2002

Registered capital: 6,000,000,000vnd (six billion Vietnam dong)

Type of property: Limited



Working attitude

- Complete work center -> All the benefits will come.

    Hard -working.

- Train knowledge + skills + accepted the challenge -> Well its importance.

Family Values

- Living in a family with strong links -> Will better teamwork

Worth living

To make a decision, follow four phases:

- The instructions have instinctive: that this is recommended or not.

- Judging the situation, trends, trends that can occur.

- Analysis of the strong point-defect .

- Listern to the Heart - Follow the Heart directions.



Have a big dream .

- Stemming from the heart, bringing great value to the community.


- For staff, colleagues and collaborators.

Being creative

- Freedom of implementing innovative ideas.


- Discipline, quality, new technology. Joining hands to make a  dreams become true.








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